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Do you like football and never miss any match? You are among the enthusiasts who follow current events, transfers, injuries and so on in TOP leagues in the world? And can not imagine a match without a bet? So this competition is just right for you. During the season will be running a special Golden League in which you can get besides classic matches a JACKOPT as well.

The Golden League is a classic combination bet, which consists of guessing all the matches in one round of a selected league.

The Golden League is selected TOP football leagues of the world and so Serie A, Primera League, Premier League and League 1. To win the JACKPOT, the player must have a winning ticket, which includes all 10 matches of a day of one of the leagues. Minimum deposit for participation in the competition is € 1. Only allowed bets at each match on the ticket is only 1 X 2. The can be any other game or event on the ticket.

Example: In order to win the JACKOPOT,the player has to have the winning ticket which includes all 10 matches 3rd round of Serie A with single tips 1, X, 2.

Golden league you can find in offer on the first place:

Information about the competition:

  • Competition starts 10/03/2016 00:00 CET and ends 6/30 2017 23:59 CET
  • Participation in the competition is no need to validate. Each player is automatically participated in the competition.
  • JACKPOT wins the player who will have a winning ticket with all 10 games as part of any round of a selected league. Matches within the leagues or rounds may not be combined with each other.
  • If there is more than one winner, JACKPOT will split up between all winners equally.
  • Minimum deposit per ticket for participation in the competition is € 1, including charges.
  • The competition is not counting double tickets, as well as well as multiple and group tickets.
  • JACKPOT is for all leagues at the same time, this means that in the case of multiple wins in one week, the JACKPOT split up equally among all winners, no matter what league player guessed. Similarly, each player is allowed to win only one JACKPOT in one week If the player guesses in one week several leagues from Golden League he is allowed to win only one crediting Jackpot.
  • Authorized ticket tips for participation in Golden League are just only 1, X, 2. Bets can not be combined with each other.
  • To win the JACKPOT you must have a ticket with winning all 10 games within the selected one round of the league. Canceled matches, or matches assessed rate 1 break this condition and the competition will not count.